About Me

I’m Monica and I’ve been running my own small business for almost twenty years. During that time I’ve been designing and making jewellery, women’s accessories, women’s unique stylish clothing, and passing my skills onto others by running workshops from my studio in Isleworth. I’ve been an artist at Redlees Studios for 23 years. From 2009 -2014 I had my own very small real shop in Church Street Twickenham. From there I sold my very popular, now famous ‘Marianne’ bags, made in memory of my mother. In 2015 I reluctantly stopped the London based production of these leather bags. Since then I have spent time each year travelling the world and taking inspiration from the places I visit.

I’m still based in Isleworth and work partly from home and from Redlees  studios. I attend an art class twice a month which also informs my jewellery and clothing surface patterns.


Last year I attended a two day course on printing onto anodised aluminium. For me that was a significant turning point in my jewellery. I still have much to learn and my work is evolving all the time. My ideas for printed surface patterns can now be found on my textiles and in my jewellery.

My plan this year is to combine these new materials with my love of working with silver. My love of materials and processes has led me to explore the potential of using 3D printing in my latest jewellery collections. Some pieces are printed in white nylon which I then dye and others are created by me in sterling silver.