Should i ask a lady to be my gf by way of a text?

So this is actually the situation. Theres a girl I like and Im pretty sure she likes me personally right right back. To be honest i simply went along to my beach home when it comes to summer time and I also wont get to see her before the start of college. We text a great deal. In the morning and we will keep texting until we fall asleep at night like she will text me. I do want to ask her become my gf but I do not understand over text if I should do it. Can anybody help me to? Many Thanks

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CANNOT ACCOMPLISH THAT! Believe me personally a close buddy of mine did that, and fourteen days later discovered that the lady had been cheating on him. He went to see her that night, pretending every thing ended up being fine. She started single buddhist dating making away because i cannot believe that you asked me out in a text message with him and during that time she said “I’m breaking up with you. Continue Reading “Should i ask a lady to be my gf by way of a text?”

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