Associations Ranging from Sexting Volume and Result Variables

Detailed Statistics and you will Correlations

Varying score in excess of ± step three.30 were considered outliers, resulting in the removal of three professionals, making a sample regarding 244. Skewness and you will kurtosis analytics was in fact checked-out, showing that parameters was typically delivered. Detailed analytics and correlations towards chief study details are offered for the Dining table step 1. Cohen’s (1988) criteria to have Pearson’s relationship coefficient feeling proportions were used to determine the potency of the consequences (i.elizabeth., brief, roentgen = .10; typical, r = .30; higher, roentgen = .50).

Engagement inside Sexting Decisions

I unearthed that 77.6% of your present decide to try had delivered or gotten a beneficial sext inside their existence, while twenty two.4% had never sexted. After that, regularity research revealed that 74.8% of members revealed that they’d sexted a romantic lover in the during the last six months, while you are 43.1% got sexted someone aside from an enchanting partner in identical months. Pick Dining tables step one and you can dos having volume out-of a reaction to for each and every sexting decisions items to possess romantic mate sexting and you will sexting someone else. Continue Reading “Associations Ranging from Sexting Volume and Result Variables”

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