Are Gay Men Checking Your Out in the Locker Room?

NBA pro Jason Collinss choice to come aside have homophobes in a worry. Heres the reason why directly guys need to calm down.

AP Photo/Eric Gay

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As first active member of one of the leading sports leagues ahead down as homosexual, NBA user Jason Collins’s announcement yesterday has produced praise from gay-rights followers. Predictably, it has additionally motivated terrible warnings about gays within the locker place from homophobes like the Family study Council’s Brian Fischer:

I’ll warranty you . in the event the control of whatever staff is actually considering providing him straight back, or thinking about trading for your, and additionally they go right to the people on that teams in addition they say ‘how can you feel about an aside effective homosexual being in exactly the same locker space, discussing alike shower features with you?’ they are going to state not a way. Really don’t wish that. I actually do not want some guy, a teammate, eyeballing myself during the shower.

This seems to be an issue mainly among men-women, for whatever reason, aren’t half as scared of lesbians-but it really is a standard refrain among homophobes attempting to stoke gay stress. Continue Reading “Are Gay Men Checking Your Out in the Locker Room?”

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